Striving to lift your business


Forklift master was registered as a close corporation in 2006 as a business venture of du Plessis projects and Jaco Dirker. Du Plessis projects was formed in 1992 by Nico du Plessis and his father 'oom dup'. They have been selling, repairing and renting forklifts since 1992 at the same premises (1011 van der hoff road Pretoria Gardens). Doing the same business at the same premises for 24 years gives more than enough proof that they are here to stay.

Jaco Dirker joined the du Plessis projects team in 2005 where he felt he could live out his passion for mechanical and hydraulic things and where he could also develop his business skills under the well esstablished guidance of du Plessis projects. In 2006 the need arised to establish du Plessis projects suster company forklift master of which Jaco and his wife Gwen took over management in 2007. 

In 2008 forklift masters' main business became forklift rentals and trading of second hand forklifts.

In 2012 the opportunity arised to start developing and manufaturing our own forklift brand 'Dirker'.

In 2013 the first Dirker was assembled and in field development were done. At the end of 2013 we manufactured and sold our second Dirker forklift.

In 2014 three Dirker multi lifts and three Dirker forklifts (of which one dirker forklift was exported to Zimbabwe) were sold.

In the beginning of 2015 du Plessis projects started the construction of the new Dirker manufacturing facility 8 months later the first Dirker Log Handler were build at the new facility. At the end of that same year forklift master reached their  target for the year of selling 12 Dirker machines. Forklift masters aim is still as their slogan reads striving to lift you bussines in the years to come forklift master will develop more products to serve the local market. And eventualy venturing in exporting their equipment.